Mixed Ferns

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We always have a selection of ferns in stock. These will typically thrive in a low light area of your home with higher humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

We will choose one for you, or you can contact us to find out which varieties we currently have available! 

Please note: The picture shows an example of the different varieties we may have in stock. You will receive one fern per order.

Pet Safe? Yes

Air Purifying? Yes



Care instructions do vary from one variety to the next. The information below is a general guide; we can send specific care instructions via email for the variety you receive.


Under ideal circumstances, all ferns would like to have constantly moist, but not wet soil.


Many fern varieties can tolerate low light to medium indirect light. Too much bright and direct light may cause the fronds to yellow and die. 


Most ferns require a warm and humid environment, making them the perfect bathroom or kitchen plant. Throughout the dryer times of the year, use a pebble tray to increase moisture, or frequently mist the fronds. Avoid cold draughts.