Hand rolled pure beeswax candles

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Beautiful hand rolled bees wax candles, available in various sizes.

Made by Brighton-based Abeille Botanicals, from the finest grade beeswax, with honey comb design. Beeswax is a natural product that smells of sweet honey, cleans the air and burns pure.

100% Natural with cotton wick.



Chunky - 5cm x 20cm

Medium - 3cm x 20cm

Small - 2cm x 17cm

Instructions for use 

Place candle in a suitable candle holder. Remove label before lighting candle. Burn your Beeswax candles for no longer than 4hrs at a time.

When extinguished, gently hug/push the edges of the candle inward so they melt on the next burn; this will help you avoid “tunneling” your candle, reduce wasting wax and allow it to last longer.

Trim the wick to just under 1/4 inch between burns if needed.