DIY Terrarium Kits | Collection or local delivery or only

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PLEASE NOTE: These kits are available for local (Brighton & Hove) delivery or collection only.

Terrarium kits are the perfect choice if you're looking for a fun and unique gift, or just fancy trying something different yourself. @littlebitsbtn have put together a variety of kits, so there's something to suit everyone! Please select the size you would like from the drop-down menu.

Kits are available for delivery now, or you can pre-order for delivery closer to Christmas if your purchasing this as a gift. 


All kits include: plants and/or moss, horticultural charcoal, soil mix, pebbles and sand, springtails and glass vessel(s). See details below for the dimensions of vessel(s) included in each kit.

Kits also include written instructions and a consultation so we can find out what you'd like to make, offer advice and provide the right plants and materials for you. You can purchase an additional 1-2-1 online workshop if you'd like some more guidance.

XS and S kits include a pipette to make watering easier. Other tools are not included but can be purchased - we can discuss your needs during the consultation.


  • XS mossarium: 4x 5cm vessels
  • S terrarium: 2x 10cm vessels
  • M terrarium: 1x 20-26cm vessel
  • L terrarium: 1x 29cm vessel
  • XL terrarium: 1x 36cm vessel