Calathea 'Whitestar'

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The Calathea 'Whitestar' is a stunning plant with gorgeous large dark green with striking white stripes and a dusting of pink colour. Calatheas are also called the 'living plants' as a result of their leaves opening and closing from day to night. This plant is also a great for purifying the air.


These plants enjoy a bright spot but not direct sun as too much sun will burn the leaves. This plant can grows well in partial shade. The Whitestar doesnt like draughts as this can cause the leaves to curl.

Allow the top two inches of the soil to dry out slightly between each watering. The soil needs to be damp but not soggy. Water from underneath placing plant in a dish or bowl of water.

Calatheas love humidity so would be very happy placed in a bathroom or steamy kitchen. If this positioning is not possible then the plant will benefit from misting with water once a week.


12cm growers pot