Aspidistra Elatior in Emerald Green Pot

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Aspidistra Elatior or the Cast Iron plant as it is sometimes referred to, gets its name from its indistructable nature. These plants have built up a tolerance for low light  from growing in the shade under trees in China and Vietnam. Their tolerant nature means they make a very popular houseplant. The vibrant emerald colour of the pot compliments the shiny leaves of the plant.


These plants are almost impossible to kill, they wont mind if you forget to water it. When the top two inches of soil are dry water from underneath by placing in a dish or bowl of water. They are very tolerant of low light conditions. Aspidistras arent that keen on direct sunlight as this damages their leaves. They like humidity and benefit from having their leaves misted. The long wide leaves can be dust magnets so occasionally wipe them with a soft cloth and spray with leaf shine to make the plant really stand out.