Alocasia California

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The Alocasia Gageana, AKA Alocasia California or Dwarf Elephant Ear is an easy-care and striking plant. 

Alocasias typically grow in rainforests in southeast Asia. Despite their exotic looks, they grow happily indoors.

Pet Safe? No

Air Purifying? Yes

Size: Approximately 110cm tall and 80cm spread

Please note: these are natural, living products and the appearance of each individual plant varies. The price stated is for the plant in it’s nursery pot only. You can buy a selection of decorative pots here and we sell many more in store. Please contact us if you’d like us to help you find the perfect pot for your plant! 




They like moist, but not soggy, soil. Check weekly and water if the top inch of soil feels dry. Cut back in winter.


The big leaves like a lot of light. Not too much direct sun, as it can burn their leaves, but place somewhere nice and bright.


They like a lot of moisture in the air. The bathroom is a great home, or mist her leaves every few days.