Aglaonema Spotted Star

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Aglaonemas are vibrant and colourful with strikingly patterned leaves.

They are very easy going houseplants, so are the perfectly choice to add a bit of low maintenance colour to a home or office space. A great choice for beginners and forgetful plant parents too!

Pet Safe? No




Prefers to be kept moist during the spring and summer, but make sure the soil isn’t soggy. In the winter allow the soil to dry out between waterings. It can survive a little bit of forgetfulness!


Prefers bright indirect light and this will help your Aglaonema produce the beautiful pink spots on its leaves. This plant will tolerate low light areas but the leaf spots and variegation will not be as pronounced.


This plant can survive in low humidity, but it will thrive with a warm and humid environment. Mist the leaves regularly to raise the humidity. Avoid cold draughts and sudden changes in temperature.