We run workshops in our store in Kemptown. We regularly run plant pot making sessions with Tom Butcher Ceramics; all current ceramics dates are sold out, but we will list upcoming dates on this page when they are available.

Please contact if you'd like to run a workshop here. We have a large space within the shop where sessions can be held, and we have a separate studio space as well. 

Please Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions workshops aren't currently taking place in store. Where we can, we are offering them virtually instead; you will be able to buy a make-at-home kit and receive video instructions. We are currently offering the following options in this format:


We're working with Beata Jaskiewicz of Little Bits to help you design and make your own terrarium.

From simple 5cm mossariums to large self sustaining ecosystems, you can buy a kit that includes everything you need. You can also access either simple written instructions or a 1-2-1 online workshop. 

Kits start at £40; contact if you would like to purchase one.