Houseplant Repotting Service


It’s important to repot your plants every so often to make sure they receive all the nutrients they need. But it can be messy, or painful (if we're talking cacti...), or perhaps it's just not your idea of fun?! But we love it! Seriously...

So bring yours in to see us and we'll take care of it for you. If your plant is too big to transport we offer home visits too (we tidy up after ourselves, promise). We always use high quality compost, Shell on Earth if it needs extra drainage, and organic Magic Manure fertiliser for the nutrients.

Read on for FAQs and prices.



Where can I find you?

Understory, 4 Church Place, Brighton, BN2 5JN. Just drop in! No need to book an appointment - unless you'd like us to come to your home to repot in situ.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the size of plant and the diameter of the pot. As a rough guide, we charge:
£5 for anything up to a 12cm diameter pot
£8 for 13cm - 16cm diameter
£10 for 17cm - 20cm diameter

£15 for 21cm - 25cm

£20 for 26cm - 30cm

For any plants with a pot diameter of larger than 30cm, please contact us for a quote.

These prices include soil, plastic pot and some TLC. There will be an additional charge for a moss pole if we need to supply one.

If you’d like us to come to you, there's a surcharge in addition to the charge-per-plant. We charge £50 for the first hour, and £15 per hour thereafter, plus fuel costs at 45p/mile for jobs outside of the Brighton and Hove area.

Please email to discuss your requirements.

Do you sell compost so I can just do it myself?

We sell houseplant potting soil, cacti and succulent mix, bonsai mix and orchid soil if you’d rather repot your plants yourself. We always stock bags of Shell on Earth drainage, Magic Manure fertiliser and moss poles too, so you should find everything you need to make your plants happy! Visit our Plant Accessories collection or pop in to our shop in Brighton.

We also stock a range of beautiful ceramic, concrete and terracotta decorative pots if you need something special to show off your newly repotted plant baby. 

Can I bring in a pot that I've bought somewhere else?!

Of course! If you already have a pot you’d like us to use, just bring it along with you.

We advise that you use a pot with drainage holes (such as a plastic growers pot) and then put this into a more attractive decorative planter if you wish. This helps to avoid overwatering your plant. But it's up to you! Just make sure your new pot is clean to avoid the spread of fungus or bacteria, and ideally two sizes bigger than the current pot.

When is the best time to repot my plant?

Only repot your plants when they need it. A few signs to look out for include:

  • Roots are coming out of the drainage holes or your plant is pot bound. (However, some plants like to be pot bound!)
  • The soil is drying out more quickly and you're finding that you need to water your plant more frequently
  • Your houseplant isn't growing, or has become wobbly or unstable

The best time of year to repot your plant is in in the Spring. This is because the new growth at this time of year works in both directions and the roots will quickly establish into the new space. 

However, many houseplants won't mind being repotted at other times of the year - as long as you don't overwater or let them get too cold!

We only offer our repotting service between April and September to be on the safe side.

Disclaimer: Plants are living things and even with the greatest of care and the use of appropriate potting mediums, they can go in to shock when repotted. We can't  guarantee the success of a repotted plant, especially when it involves dividing a plant. Every plant requires different environmental needs (light, watering, plant nutrients, humidity etc.) in order to thrive in your home after repotting, especially if it has endured transplant shock.

Therefore we can't take responsibility for any plant rot/yellowing/irregularities that may occur after the repotting. 

Furthermore, we cannot offer to repot plants with any pest or fungal issues.